Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shy girls have more fun

Hey Guys this is another crazy story, or I should say another lucky day for me. I just saw this hot girl on the park looking real good. I asked her if she want to talk with me about sex and she was so shy to say yes. Of course money talks so with money she start to talk about how she likes sex, and showed tits and pussy in the park with people watching around. I dont care people looking at me when I am fucking. Those people just wishing they were me! So I fucked her on some rocks after she sucked my dick. She was shy but she really likes sex and money!! click and enjoy it.

Money Talks

When I saw this girl I knew she had money, and I thought 'she's not want sex with me for money', but I should know by now that all woman have a price! She has everything already; fancy car, huge tits (she tell me she buy those too), nice clothes.. and lucky for me she still wants more. This is what I need, a woman to drive me around in luxury car so I don't have to take bus anymore. So, after some talking and waving money in her face she take me to her car where she suck my dick with all the cars passing by. I don't care about this.. I fuck her pussy and her ass too right there anyway. It was good and worth the money! click and enjoy it.


Sabrina was out for a walk when I ran into her. She is nice, rich, and I sense she is daddy's little princess. Sounds like wrong girl to ask to show me her tits right? But I can see thru girl like this. It's not about money..she just likes to feel like a rebel. And by rebel I mean slut. Hehehe just joke... anyway, she is real sexy with long blonde hair and nice face. Her tits are real great too. She showed them to me right by her house where her parents could see at the window! That made ME a little nervous so we hid in the hut where they keep garbage. She sucked my dick right there with all the people passing by. I turned her around and fucked her against a trash can! It was wild.. you must see this...


Wow guys, this was one awesome day for me. I met a sexy girl named Ellen. I told her I was lost so she offered to walk with me and show me where I'm going. She didn't know she would be showing me more than directions! Anyway, we walk for a bit and I started to asking her questions. She didn't want to tell me how much money she makes so I figure it's because she needs more. So, I gave her cash in exchange for showing me tits and nice pussy. She told me she likes to suck dick so I wanted to see for myself how good she is at it. I took her to behind some bushes and fucked her like crazy after she sucked my dick. It was amazing...you need to see it.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Wooow, I party too much yesterday and I lose my way. So I say hello to this sexy blonde girl and ask if she would give me some directions. Her name was Katrinne. I like her, she was so tall and pretty. She was on break from work and had some minutes to talk with me. She talks a lot so maybe it's good thing she don't have much time. She say she kiss some girls at a school party and I thought that was so sexy. I offered her some money to show me her tits. She say I am very nice to her and she let me touch her tits and then her pussy too. She suck me and then I fucked her so good. I put lots of cum on her face but it's ok because she really liked this. click and enjoy it.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I was loose in the park when I saw this girl on the bus station then I asked her about direccions and she was nice, so I start to talked to her. Well at the begining she was like who are you? or I dont care about the money but when I showed the 2k zceck crounds she said ok and showed me her tits there in front of other people. And also money first, she went with me down the brige and suck my dick and I fucked her also.. She was shy but she like it.. As you can see she is hot and she had a facial wax with my cum and she cleaned it up with naturals methods, haha yeah she cleaned up her face with a leaf!!! guys this is good!!


Sometimes it is just so easy to get some ass in this town. I was at this Stripper Bar in town, the place was closed but they had this nice bar right next to it. I sat down ordered some coffee and i noticed that when i walked in to this place, this gorgeous girl was looking at me. I asked the waiter about her and he said she was not a dancer and that it was the first time he had seen her. I introduced myself and walked to her table, she said her name is "Zuzana" I was ready for this girl so i asked if she would like some money just to talk to me. She didn't mind to talk so i asked her a couple of questions. She then told me she had been in a four some and did not remember anything because she was too drunk.. I got exited cause i knew this babe will be fun. We went to the toilet at this place and fuck. This girl has a nice pair of perky tits and a nice tight pussy. She had some hair in her coochie but who cares.. Enjoy it!!!